Mswati buys new Airbus jet

The private jet has long established itself as the transport mode of choice for up and coming dictators everywhere! 

King Mswati III rewarded himself with an extravagant gift for his 50th birthday - an Airbus A340-300 private jet. The highly customised aircraft arrived in the tiny, impoverished Southern African kingdom just in time for the king's birthday on the 19th April. The Airbus became the second aircraft proudly owned by Africa's last absolute mornach: the first being a McDonnel Douglas MD-87. King Mswati III continues his crass extravagance despite the dire economic seizures his poor kingdom suffers.

Protest demonstration

We will be holding a joint demonstration with Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) Trade Union Congress and African Lives Matter and the Swazi Vigil UK outside the Commonwealth Secretariat on the 19th April 2018 from 11:30 - 13:30