King Mswati III
Queen Mother Ntombi
Prime Minister Sibusiso B. Dlamini


Swaziland runs a complex system of governance where the people do not have a say in how the country is run. There are elections - of sorts - under the undemocratic Tinkhundla election system where 55 Members of parliament are voted into the lower house ( House of Representatives). The king also appoints 10 more into this house. The other chamber is the House of Senate where members are voted in from those duly elected from the House of representatives. 20 are elected in, with the king appointing 10 more.

Elections are held every 5 years. Each Inkhundla (Constituency) elects one Member of parliament. There are 55 Tinkhundla in Swaziland. Tinkhundla are traditional enclaves run by chiefs on behalf of the king. The chiefs are royal appointees and as such exericise huge loyalty to the king- Mswati III.



Elections in Swaziland are largely undemocratic and farcical. Campaigning is outlawed​ and political parties are banned. The elections are held at Inkhundla (Constituency) level - traditional enclaves run by chiefs who are royal appointees. All Inkhundla affairs are tightly controlled by these chiefs who are essentially constituency extensions of the power of the monarchy. Multiparty democracy advocates are routinely prevented from participating.

The two Houses of Parliament (House of Representatives and Senate) are the legislative arm of government. King Mswati III is above the constitution and routinely overrules parliament. Mswati III appoints not only his own MPs and Senators but appoints the entire cabinet.

Since the promulgation of the country's constitution in 2005, king Mswati III and the government have routinely flouted it for their own benefit.


King Mswati III is the last absolute mornach in Africa and presides over perhaps the most corrupt mornachy in the world. A system where the majority of the population are disenfranchised and without voice, stripped of their basic human rights and scared into silence by a regime that uses time-tested traditions and culture, system brutality and torture and elimination to subjugate it's own citizens - all in a bid to prolong it's undeserved longevity.​

King Mswati III rules the kingdom of Swaziland with an unrelentless iron fist and is a fierce opponent f multi party democracy. Any opposition to his brutal and corrupt regime is disproportionally crushed by the state's security apparatus - Army,Police,Paramilitary and Correctional forces. All legislative,Judicial and executive powers are vested in King Mswati III. He is estimated by Forbes to be worth $200Million. His vast wealth includes palaces, a private jet and a staggering fleet of BMWs,Mercedes,Maybach and other vehicles.